Books for Children Who Wear Glasses

Children getting glasses is life changing in many ways. First and foremost they can see clearly! AMAZING! On the other end, it’s a huge adjustment physically and emotionally. Children look in the mirror and see a different face than they are used to seeing. They feel physically funny on their face and most children feelContinue reading “Books for Children Who Wear Glasses”

Children’s Books that Teach Kindness

Hello fellow readers! Today I am sharing my top ten favorite books for talking about kindness with children. Several of these books directly discuss kindness while others reach into inclusion and acceptance as well. If you want to see more books that discuss kindness visit my book shop link below for a larger list. HappyContinue reading “Children’s Books that Teach Kindness”

Early Literacy Activities

Educator and mom is a difficult balance. I know all the things I should be doing, but most days I’m just too dang exhausted to do anything other than get through our regular evening routine. While I am absolutely terrified of what is happening in the world right now, I have chosen to focus myContinue reading “Early Literacy Activities”

Children’s Books With Diverse Family Structures

There is an old saying that books are mirrors to our souls. It is crucial that children see themselves in the books they read. We want them to also see their families in books. The traditional family of a mom, dad, and children is no longer the norm. There are single parents, grandparents, same genderContinue reading “Children’s Books With Diverse Family Structures”