Books for Children Who Wear Glasses

Children getting glasses is life changing in many ways. First and foremost they can see clearly! AMAZING! On the other end, it’s a huge adjustment physically and emotionally. Children look in the mirror and see a different face than they are used to seeing. They feel physically funny on their face and most children feel a bit insecure about them until they get comfortable wearing them. I wanted to share some of my favorite books that showcase children with glasses. I’ve organized it into books that talk about glasses and books that just show characters wearing glasses. Happy reading!

Side Note: I discovered this site from our school social worker. This is a great place to get glasses for under $20! You simply have to upload your prescription, pick out your glasses, and order. Some are even as cheap as $9.95. If you know someone who wears glasses you may want to share this site!

Characters Who Wear Glasses

Violet Shrink by Christine Baldachinno

Violet is just like her father, glasses and all. She has a few quirks… one major quirk. She hates parties. Follow this story line as she figures out how she can cope with what she hates while making her father happy as well.

Elephant and Piggie Books by Mo Willems

Mo Willems is a favorite of all children! The Elephant and Piggie series is absolutely adorable. The series features two friends who are very different. The print is written in speech bubbles, so it’s very easy to read. The illustrations are simple, but so catchy! Elephant, Gerald, wears glasses. It’s never discussed, just part of who he is. This series is a MUST!

Piggy Let’s Be Friends by Trevor Lai

Piggy is the most adorable character with huge red glasses. Mole is extremely shy and rarely comes out of his hole. One day Piggy spies Mole across the garden, but Mole ducks out of sight before Piggy can get to him. Piggy makes it his mission to become Mole’s friend. This is such a sweet story about accepting others as they are.

Books That Talk About Glasses

The T-Rex Who Lost His Specs! by Jeanne Willis

T-Rex has lost his glasses and now he sees the world through blurry eyes. He tries his best, but he cannot see clearly. From wearing his sister’s clothes to washing with an owl he just cannot seem to get it right. Will he find his glasses? This cute rhyming text is filled with humor!

Calvin, Look Out! by Jennifer Berne

Calvin discovers that he needs glasses and is feeling great as he heads home. When he arrives home his cousins begin making fun of his new glasses. He goes off for a long walk in the woods to clear his head and ends up stuck. He uses his glasses to save himself which makes all of his cousins want a pair too. This book is so quirky and cute!

Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson

Douglas and his owner Nancy LOVE to have fun, but lately Douglas keeps messing everything up because he can’t see. Nancy carts him off to the eye doctor to pick out some glasses. This story is absolutely adorable! The end of the story has pictures of real kids wearing glasses. This is perfect for a child who recently got glasses!

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