Favorite Psychological Thrillers

I never considered myself a reader of psychological thrillers until I read Gone Girl. That book was a game changer for me. I can officially say I am now hooked. I have listed my top 5 for you, but since this is one of my favorite genres stay tuned for future posts. Happy reading!

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

READ THIS BOOK! This is one of my favorites. I read a lot of psychological thrillers and am pretty good at uncovering the “truth” before it’s revealed. This one though… no words. Reading this book was like being on a roller-coaster ride. I would have it all figured out and then… BAM…. plot-twist. I finally gave up trying to figure things out on my own and made myself just keep reading.

Here’s a quick rundown. Anna lives alone in NYC. She drinks (a lot) and spends her days isolated inside her home watching the outside world from the window. A family moves in across the street and soon she sees something odd from the window. That’s all I can say without giving it away…. go read it!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

This book follows an artist, Alicia, who is married to a high profile photographer. He arrives home from work one night and she kills him, but then refuses to speak. Will her psychotherapist be able to break through to her and uncover what happened? This one is truly a page turner!

The Whisper Man by Alex North

A father-son duo is looking for a fresh start after a tremendous loss. They are settling into a new life and beginning to get comfortable when a boy in the community disappears. Shortly after, the son Jake begins to hear whispers at night. Not many books truly scare me, but this one had me shaking in my boots. Not only is it a well-written psychological thriller, but it also showcases how far parents will go for their children.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

A group of neighborhood friends has a dinner party like they have hundreds of other times. However, this time something goes horribly wrong. Anne and Marco’s lives quickly begin to get turned upside spilling secrets, lies, and suspicions along the way.

The Ex: A Novel by Alafair Burke

Jack Harris is accused of killing three people at a football field. His daughter, Buckley, calls a high powered defense attorney who happens to be Jack’s ex-fiance. If anyone will believe his innocence it must be someone who knows Jack at his true core right? As the evidence stacks, doubt grows, and the story twists and turns.

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